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Pregnancy is an intense moment during which your whole history can come to the surface. During this phase, you may experience moments of sadness, loneliness and misunderstanding from others.

  • Are you pregnant and feel that your pregnancy is shaking things up?

  • Are you a father who is not sure what role to play with your partner?

  • Do you have a high-risk pregnancy?

  • Has your couple experienced a miscarriage?


    Are you afraid for your baby?

Do you find yourself in this questioning?

Our psychotherapist can accompany, advise and guide you during your pregnancy.

Get in contact with Danielle Wealer

Psychotherapy is covered by the CNS only on medical prescription and is reimbursed as follows:  

70% for adults ;   100% for insured persons who have not reached the age of 18 on the date the medical prescription is issued.

The medical prescription does not have to be issued before the start of the sessions.


+352 621 172 229

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