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The Lunata Centre

The centre is located in Bertrange, with the possibility of parking and accessible by public transport.

It is on the ground floor and consists of an entrance hallway with a waiting room, a consultation room, a bedroom/office, sanitary facilities and the main room to organising group courses and workshops ( hopefully again sometimein the future, to welcome babies)

We do our utmost to create a warm and caring environment.

In this case, the centre has been designed in collaboration with an interior designer, both in terms of equipment and lighting and reception.

In the main room, a spacious bath invites you to relax. In addition, a large bed, a hanging sling and a gym ball are at your disposal.

Aromatherapy, homeopathy, acupressure and music support you in the birthing process.

Herbal teas and the right meals strengthen you during and after the birth.

Your birth is crowned by the warmth of specially selected fabrics and sheets on a natural basis.

The materials used have been carefully selected on the basis of sustainable criteria and with respect to a circular and regional economy.

Individual care


Pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum period are central events in the lives of future parents, during which they experience unforgettable and unique moments.

Our task is to accompany women and their partners through this crucial phase of life with respect, competent professional support and while preserving their self-determination.

We offer you physiological care, comprehensive and individual support throughout your pregnancy, birth and when you return home with your baby.

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