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Postnatal follow - up

A time to talk and listen in complete privacy.

It's an opportunity to discuss your questions and concerns, and to get professional advice as soon as you get home.
The midwife looks after the mother's health and the baby's development.
She provides support in many areas, including
  breastfeeding or artificial feeding
  caring for the baby and mother
  adapting the baby
  baby's sleep
  the mother's hormonal changes
  parental insecurity ....

All midwives are trained and specialised in breastfeeding through their training and the many continuing education courses we've given over the years.

During an outpatient birth, we carry out the Guthrie test.

Post-partum follow-up by a midwife at your home is covered at 100% by the CNS.

Visits are covered from the second child up to 15 days after birth and for

   the first child (on medical prescription with code VSF62)
  a caesarean section
  multiple birth
  or premature birth (<37 weeks)
up to 21 days after birth

Wherever possible, midwives from the Lunata centre will follow up women who have given birth with us.

All the midwives at the Lunata Centre provide postnatal care, go to the team page to find the contacts.

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