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The birth

Birth is a natural event.

A physiological birth can be achieved without medical intervention and without medication.

We want to give you the opportunity to actively participate in the birth of your child.

You give birth at your own pace, in a caring and respectful manner, in a gentle and reassuring atmosphere.



Conditions for out-of-hospital childbirth

To give birth outside the hospital, the mother must

  • have a good health condition

  • have a physiological pregnancy

  • have a normal morphological ultrasound of the baby

  • have a baby in cephalic presentation

  • have passed a gestational age of the baby of more than 37 weeks of pregnancy.

In case of possible risks we will decide during a joint discussion whether an out-of-hospital delivery is advisable.
During your labour you will be attended by the midwife you know and who attended you during your pregnancy. A second midwife will be present at the time of the birth.

The midwives offer you individual support to detect signs of illness and to organise a timely transfer to hospital if necessary.

For further details, please contact one of the midwives who deal with out-of-hospital deliveries


In the main room, a spacious bath invites you to relax. There is also a large bed, a hanging sling and a gym ball.

Aromatherapy, homeopathy, acupressure and music support you through the birthing process.

Herbal teas and specially adapted meals will strengthen you during and after the birth.

Your birth will be crowned by the pampering warmth of specially selected fabrics and sheets.

The materials used have been carefully selected on the basis of sustainable criteria and with respect for a circular and regional economy.

information session for out-of-hospital births

 Come and discover the world of Lunata and get to know the team of midwives!

We regularly invite you to discuss childbirth at the centre or at home over a coffee.
You can find the next date in the calendar

For more details, please contact one of the midwives who take care of out-of-hospital deliveries

Anne Dahm
Danielle Federspiel-Haag
Marina Rosa


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