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La médecine douce


Acupuncture is part of traditional Chinese medicine.

It involves the stimulation of acupuncture points on various parts of the body using very fine needles.
The conditions for which acupuncture is most commonly used in obstetrics are :
- nausea, lower back pain and sciatica, foetal malposition, overdue delivery, etc.


Homeopathy is a therapeutic method based on the principle of similarity, i.e. treating what is similar to the disease. It consists of administering very low doses of substances which, in different concentrations in healthy people, are likely to cause symptoms similar to those of the patient.

The pathologies for which homeopathy is most often used in obstetrics are :

- nausea, foetal malposition, late term, breastfeeding problems, maternal exhaustion, insomnia, baby colic, etc.

Consultations covered by the CNS as part of pregnancy monitoring.


for acupunture :

Emmy Laclaverie :

Danielle Federspiel - Haag :

for homéopathy :

Danielle Federspiel - Haag :

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