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Geneviève Chabot

hypnotherapist / reflexologist

When I was young, my sport was gymnastics.

And in a way, my professional life has been a bit like the sport I loved so much ... Flexibility and big splits.

Although I trained as a teacher in 1997, my career path was essentially commercial until 2020.

At that point, I launched a project that had been close to my heart for many years. Since then, I've been helping people find their inner well-being.

I am

  • qualified in Ericksonian Hypnosis (additional training in perinatal hypnosis, phobias, anxiety, addictions, temporary depression, smoking and slimming).         

  • Trained in reflexology (foot, palm, facial and cranial)- 2-year course.

  •  Reiki practitioner.

With a great deal of humility, I continue to follow trainings to improve my practice and my knowledge (aromatherapy, olfactology, mental health first aid, etc.).  

The latest training I am doing is in "hot stone massage", which is a real comfort during the rainy months...

I am the mother of 2 grown-up children who are no longer children.

Languages: French, German, English (learning)


+352 621 172 229

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