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Belén Farias


Hi! My name is Belén, and I am a doula, a babywearing consultant, a researcher and a dancer. I am the mom of two boys, whose very different births changed my life completely. After a highly medicalized first birth in Buenos Aires in 2018, I had an amazing physiological birth without interventions in Luxembourg in 2021. This is what triggered my desire to help other women have an enjoyable and empowering birth experience.


All these different aspects of myself, and many others, are like threads that I have been weaving to offer support for families. My wish is to accompany you in your parenthood journey with a loving, empathetic and flexible but, over all, judgment-free and evidence-based approach.

I speak fluent English, French and Spanish, and I am learning Luxembourgish. You can find out more about me at

We as doulas support families not with what we know or what we have, but with who we are. Nevertheless, I love to study and learn, and I always try to follow my curiosity. So I am going to share with you here some of my past experience as well as some of the courses and trainings I have done over the years.

  • I am a certified pregnancy, birth and postpartum doula (Amazonas, 2021)

  • I am a certified babywearing consultant (Crianza en Brazos, 2020)

  • I took the Paramana Doula course “Protecting Birth” with Michel Odent and Liliana Lammers (2022)

  • I did an Actualization on Rebozo and Movement (Amazonas, 2022)

  • I have a PhD in Physics (Universidad de Buenos Aires, 2017) and over 10 years of experience in scientific research.

  • I am a certified Esferodinamia instructor for pregnancy, labor and postpartum (Esferobalones, 2023)

  • I also love teaching and I have a very diverse teaching experience: I have been a lecturer at different Universities (Universidad de Buenos Aires (Arg), Universidad Tecnológica Nacional (Arg), Université du Luxembourg (Lux)) for both undergraduate and graduate courses. I also taught aerial arts (aerial silks, aerial hoops, pole dancing) for many years in Buenos Aires.

  • Movement is a very important part of my life. For almost 20 years now I have always been moving: I took countless dance lessons, circus lessons, I performed in many events and plays as an aerialist, and I am a regular yoga practitioner. 


Languages :  I speak fluent English, French and Spanish, and I am learning Luxembourgish

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