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Woven wrap workshop


2 hours


We well deepen into the amazing possibilities offered by the most versatile carrier available: the woven wrap.


This workshop is open to everyone, no previous babywearing or wrapping experience needed.

This two hour long workshop will be split in two parts:

  • On the first part, I will explain the key technical points that will allow participants to use their wraps with ease and confort. We will cover strand-by-strand tightening, whole-wrap tightening, and seat making. We will learn about the importance of keeping a good tension while wrapping, and how to get rid of slack.

  • On the second part, we will learn different carries. New wrappers will start with FWCC, but people with previous wrapping experience will be able to move on to different front, hip and/or back carries (previous back carrying experience recommended since back carrying will not be the aim of this particular workshop). I will show different carries and every participant will choose the ones they want to focus on. 

We will work on every one’s particular interests and built on their current knowledge, I will propose also variations and different finishes for the carries they already know.

Are you wondering if this workshop is for you?

Well, in general I would say: if it sparks your interest, you are welcome to join! The workshop is suited for both new and experience wrappers. In particular, this workshop might be right for you:

  • If you have zero babywearing experience (maybe you are still pregnant!), but the idea of woven wraps is appealing to you and you want to learn about them in depth

  • If you have babywearing experience but you always felt intimidated by the wraps because “people say they are too complicated” (spoiler alert: they aren’t!)

  • If you use and love your stretchy wrap, but you feel that as your kid grows you need something that provides more support and stability

  • If you already have a babywrap and know only a handful of carries, or if you feel like your technique could use with a boost to help you wrap with more ease and confort

  • If you are already a confident wrapper but you would love to learn new carries, finishes, or polish your technique 

If you still have questions, feel free to contact me at and we can see together if this is the right class for you, or if you would do better on one of my general workshops or booking a private session.

PRICE 70€/person, 120€/couple

LANGUAGE EN (FR & ES sur demande)

DATE  get in touch with Belen for the next date, please

More info about Belen :

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