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Starting solids: “From spoons to fingers”


3 hours


Starting solids: “From spoons to fingers”

The weaning period (moving to solids) is a crucial time in your baby's development, not only

because it means that he/she has to learn how to eat, but also the first experiences with food

have an influence in: i) the relationship that the baby will have with food in the future, and ii) the development of food preferences, eating behaviors and bodyweight in your baby´s childhood, adolescence and adulthood.

Starting solids with purées have been the most common approach to feeding babies, foods served are typically puréed or mashed, where the parent is in total control (spoon feeding).

Babies who are spoon-fed should be given the opportunity to eat on their own, with their fingers, so they can transition away from spoon-feeding when they are ready.

In this course we will discuss all the information about starting solid food, so you can feel

confident giving food to your baby.

Course content

- Starting solids: important things to know.

- The signs when your baby is ready to start solids.

- How to introduce solids: Foods to start, number of meals, portions, etc .

- When moving from purées to finger food.

- How to approach allergenic foods based on latest research.

- Foods to avoid for health and safety reasons.

- Some tips to prevent picky eating.

- How to cook and prepare food, safe cuts, different textures, etc*.

- How to choose a high chair and different utensils*.

- First aid: Signs of choking and what to do (Maneuvers for babies and children)*.

* Practical part

Duration : 3 hours (theory and practice). Babies are welcome.

Date : April 5th from 9.00 - 12.00

Fee €80 per person. Discount per family: €110.


- Pre- reading material about starting solids (I send it to you when you book your place).

- My favorite recipes.

- Baby food introduction chart.

- Weekly meal planner.

- Guide with safe food cuts.

- Some instagram/website recommendations where you can find recipes, cooking tips, etc.

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