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pregnancy ball class


1 hour


A technique to help you move and connect

Esferodinamia is a technique in which one moves with the help of big balls and other elements such as smaller balls, suspensions and chairs or barres.

Classes, particularly during pregnancy, are much more than a workout:

 they are meant to help women reconnect with their bodies, acknowledge and celebrate its changes, and connect with their babies as well.

During the classes, women feel supported physically by the big balls, but also mentally and emotionally by the instructor and other women, and together they navigate their pregnancies and prepare for their births.

Main features & benefits of this technique

The most characteristic feature of the classes are, of course, the balls. It is an element that will help you feel safe and supported through the movements. It provides an active and relaxed support for your body, and will be a tool to make space and release the joints and tissues that get overstrained during pregnancy.

Concretely, on the classes we will:

  • Tone and stretch the muscles, particularly those involved in supporting the growing womb and those necessary for birth

  • Work on our breathing, to better oxygenate both mother and baby, deepen the breath, and make room for our baby thanks to exercises directed to the diaphragm

  • Work on the mobility and relaxation of the spine, to improve the possibilities of movement and comfort

  • Recognize and move the pelvis and the pelvic floor, to prepare for birth and get relief for many frequent discomforts

The classes

The classes are held in small groups, and their main goal is for you to be able to move confidently through your pregnancy and towards your birth. This statement means to be true physically, but also mentally and emotionally.

During the classes everyone will get a chance to share and ask questions, and connect with other pregnant mothers.

Classes will happen periodically at Centre Lunata

Date June 6th at 14.00

You can get in contact with Belen to register :

The drop-in fee is 30eur, and 25eur for The Birth Village members.

More info about Belen :

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