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Birthvillage ( pregnancy circle)

50€/session 90€/2 sessions 120€/3 sessions 150€/4 sessions

2 hours


The Birth Village

Pregnancy and birth are crucial events in the lives of women, and they change us forever. Unfortunately, in current times we are always busy, running around, having tasks to fulfil and deadlines to meet, and we have no time to trully connect with our current pregnancy or our upcoming birth.

The pregnancy circles

The Birth Village is a space for you to take a pause and connect: with your pregnancy, your upcoming birth, and other women. We will meet twice a month, and at each encounter we will talk, share and discuss. Each encounter will last 2h and they will all have the same general structure:

  • A first moment to share and ask questions. Around a cup of tea, women can bring to the circle anything that their own worries, fears or questions, and share with the rest her own thoughts and experiences

  • Then, we will discuss specific topics around pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum

  • Then, we will do together some concrete activities to help you connect with your pregnancy and your baby

  • We will finish with a closing exercise (relaxation, cooling down, affirmation cards, etc), and meet again in our circle to have a last cup of tea and a moment to share final thoughts and reflections

At each of the Birth Village sessions we will focus in one of the four possible themes: Feel, Flow, Breathe and Dive (keep reading to find out more about each topic). They do not have a particular order and you can join to only one encounter or to as many as you want.

The four themes

As mentioned above, all the sessions have the same structure, but at each encounter we will focus on a specific topic. Here you can find out more about what to expect from each type of session.


During this encounter we will review the important role of the diaphragm both during pregnancy and for pushing, as well as other considerations for the pushing phase of labor. We will learn how to open up space, and do vocalization and breathingexercises with the pregnancy balls and suspensions. Bring confortable clothing!


On this session we will talk about how to create your birth plan and why it is so important. We will also talk about the importance of knowing your options, of advocating for yourself, and being aware of the “cascade of interventions”. We will discuss how to flow with determination while we create our own visual birth plans together.


On this encounter we will explore our own relationship with pain, get familiar with its role during labor, and talk about the different coping techniques to be used during labor, as well as the importance of finding your own ritual during contractions. We will learn to recognize and register our pelvis and our pelvic floor, and do mobility exercises using pregnancy balls and suspensions. Bring confortable clothing!


During this session we will review in detail the basic needs of a woman in labor (inspired by the works of M. Odent and R. Ehrhardt). We will learn about the importance of trully diving into labor, and how to facilitate this. Then we will also discuss about the importane of trully diving into postpartum as well, while we discuss the basic needs of newborns. We will together create a labor charm for each participant that will be a connecting line between the baby in the womb, during labor, and after they are born, when it will be used as a babywearing/breastfeeding/bonding necklace.


You can register to as many encounters as you’d like, as they don’t have a particular order. You can find out the upcoming dates and register on this form:

The price is 50€ per session, 90€ for two sessions, 120€ for three sessions, or 150€ for four sessions. A 50% deposit is necessary to book your spot, and the full amount must be payed before the first session you registered to.

Fill out the form below to register!

If you have any questions, you can contact me at

Next dates :

13/06/24 11h --  Dive  28/06/24 11h --  Flow 

12/07/24 11h --  Feel (bring confortable clothing) 

30/07/23 11h --  Breathe (bring confortable clothing)

LANGUAGE ENG (FR & ES on request)

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