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Rebozo ritual


3 hours


The Rebozo ritual is much more than a treatment.

 It's a feminine ritual performed by 2 women.

This ritual comes to us from Mexico, where it is offered to young mothers. We offer it here to all women who want to find themselves.

This ritual is a journey towards oneself, a time of reconnection, a ritual of passage to help you through a stage in your life (pregnancy, menopause, separation, bereavement...).

The Rebozo ritual takes place in 3 stages:

- A 4-hand massage: under the light of a few candles, you'll relax for the duration of a full-body massage using warm oils.

- A steam bath: like in a cocoon, this is a moment of introspection, of physical and emotional cleansing of the body.

- Closing ritual: Using a Rebozo (a kind of large scarf), we tighten the 7 key points of the body, in order to put down what doesn't belong to you and mark the passage, the opening up to yourself.

This treatment can also be done in the presence of your baby. We'll take the time you need and be there to rock and change him if necessary.

Don't hesitate to ask for this ritual as a birth gift or for any other occasion.

Contact :

Claire George 661327491


Belen Farias

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