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Back Carrying Workshop

60 euros

2 hours

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Do you love carrying your child, but you feel they are getting a bit heavy?

Does your kid like to be carried all the time, and it is getting in the way of your household chores?


Do you wish to go hiking with your toddler and be able to safely carry them when they get tired?

In a small group, Belén will help you get confortable carrying your kid on your back, so that you can keep enjoying all the wonders of babywearing.

On this two hour workshop you will learn different techniques to put your kid on your back, which might vary depending on age, weight, and your personal preferences, to find the option that works best for you two.


You will get to practice with a demo doll and your real child until you both feel secure, comfortable and safe.

You can bring your own carrier and/or try out all the different options that I have available.

Some previous babywearing experience is recommended.

Date : on request with Belen :


Price: 60€/person, 100€/couple

Language: English (French or Spanish upon request)

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