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60 euros

2 hours

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Babywearing workshops tailored for expecting parents and families with small children.

Participants can learn the bases of ergonomic babyweraring and try different carriers.


Due to general demand the language of the language is normally english, but Belén will happily clarify in French or Spanish when needed. 

On these two hour long workshop we:


  • Discover the bases of ergonomic babywearing

  • Learn the keys to carry your child in all safety

  • Belén will introduce the different types of carriers (stretchy and woven wraps, ringslings, and soft structured carriers) and explain their differences

  • Then she will demonstrate the utilisation of every type of carrier

  • And finally every parent will try on the carrier(s) of their choice, either with their own child or with a demo doll (or both!). Belén will help you, make small remarks, and give advice to improve the utilisation and increase the confort, get a good fit, etc.


Participants are also welcome to bring their own carriers, if they already have some, to try on during the practical part of the workshop.


These workshops are held normally once a month during weekends, and prior registration is required.

PRX 60€/person, 100€/couple

LANGUAGE ENG (FR & ES on request)

next date to be determined


for more information get in contact with Belén :

more info about Belen

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