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Postnatal massage - with or without Rebozo wrapping


60 minutes


Duration 1h - €120

Duration 1h30 (with Rebozo clamping) - €180

From 1 month after birth

Personalized to your needs


Postnatal massage helps young mothers regain their balance more quickly, providing an intense sensation of well-being from head to toe.

Thanks to a unique protocol combining wellness massage techniques and Chinese medicine acupressure points, this massage reunites and rebalances pelvic energy, gently replaces abdominal organs, stimulates vitality, relieves tension and decongests heavy legs.

It soothes stress, allows you to gently feel the contours of your body and feel good about yourself.


OPTIONAL: Rebozo wrapping (a cotton Mexican weaving) gently resets the pelvis, relieves residual ligament or joint pain from pregnancy, and helps the organs and uterus return to their original size and position.


This massage can be adapted and modulated according to need: the choice of manoeuvres is personalized to best meet the specific needs of each client.


Contact :

Marine Cossé

+352 661 198 619

e-mail :

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