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Baby Led- Weaning


3 heures


Baby Led- Weaning/BLISS for parents.
The weaning period (moving to solids) is a crucial time in your baby's development, not only because it means that he/she has to learn how to eat, but also the first experiences with food have an influence in:
i) the relationship that the baby will have with food in the future, and
ii) the development of food preferences, eating behaviours and bodyweight in your baby´s childhood,adolescence and adulthood.

Baby Led Weaning is an approach to introduce complementary feeding that is guided by the babies, allowing them to feed themselves using their hands.

Among the multiple benefits this approach has, are that it allows for a perceptive and healthy diet, it respects the mechanisms of hunger and satiety of the child, it involves the whole family and it joins the routines and family habits.

In this workshop we will discuss all the information about this approach, so you can feel confident giving food to your baby.
Course content
● Complementary feeding: important things to know.
● The signs when your baby is ready to start solids.
● BLW/BLISS (definition, benefits and myths).
● How to introduce solids: Foods to start and how to prepare them*.
● How to approach allergenic foods based on latest research.
● Foods to avoid for health and safety reasons.
● How to prevent picky eating.
● Tips to present different foods to your baby*.
● How to choose a high chair and different utensils*.
● Signs of choking and what to do (Heimlich Maneuver)*.
* Practical part

Duration : 3 hours (theory and practice).
Prochaines dates : 12 mai, 24 mai
de 9.00 - 12.00
Language : English

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